Half Naked Disco presents The Mixtape 009 – Afro Melodic House

Mix originally recorded by Don Stone in New York in 2018.

Gearing up for my next trip to Thailand, this deep progressive mix is the vibe I’ll be looking for when I land on Koh Phangan!

Track #Track NameArtist
1Agusha (original mix)Ulises, MonoAbe
2Quahe – (original mix)Dandara
3Roots (original mix)Several Definitions
4Dunes (original mix)Watt the Fox
5Tamale (original mix)Rancido, Mr. Raoul K
6Sammaro (original mix)&lez
7Snehali (original mix)Mass Digital
8Blowing Smoke (A Friend of Marcus Remix)Depaart
9Discovering Me (original mix)Berni Turletti
10Bagheera (original mix)Gabriel Belmudes
11Majesty (original mix)Alan De Laniere
12Iguana (original mix)Claude Monnet, Francesco Tarantini
13Trust in Dust (original mix)Robbie Akbal, Ay Sarita
14Gemini (original mix)Shane Robinson
15Deviation (original mix)Strinner
16Jewel of the Nile (original mix)Sobek
17Warm (original mix)LondonGround

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