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Lo-Fi DJ Mix for Half Naked Disco

This week’s DJ mix features a selection of lo-fi house records. Lo-fi house is an electronic music genre that can spark nostalgic memories from the early days of rave, clubs, and underground parties. House music filled the clubs and underground warehouse parties of the 90s. Lo-fi house returns to this sound and can leave you mesmerized with its soothing melodies and deep, driving basslines. You can expect to hear elements of 90s dance, house, techno, and acid house throughout the genre.

The tunes often rely on heavy filters, added noise, muffled beats, and deep basslines. The combination of retro rhythms and noisy filters feels like an welcome escape from the overproduced, over-compressed, and professionally mastered EDM hits of today.

Today’s mixtape is filled with tunes from a variety of new and rising DJ/producers. While they may be relatively new to the scene, the sounds and tunes they produce would feel welcome on my dancefloor in the 90s until today.

If you miss the days of buying your favorite DJs cassette mixtapes after the show, lo-fi house might be able to bring you back.

Recorded live by Don Stone in Siem Reap, Cambodia – January 2021

Half Naked Disco presents The Mixtape 021 – Lo Fi House

Tracklisting for The Mixtape 021

Track #Track NameArtist
1Turn Me OnDemuja
2Native RiddimCoeo
3Manhattan DriveDJ Different
4When U Go (Edit)Girls of the Internet
5BrokenCassio Kohl
6Feel Like Makin’ Love (Original Mix)Borrowed Identity
7New York 93 (Baba Stitz Remix)Yaeji
8Belle Helene (Remix)FourWays
9All My Love is “Free”Jump Source/Patrick Holland, Priori
10Wichita FallsLaurence Guy
11like mepaleboi
12Ambien Dream (Original Mix)Earth Boys
16CloserProject Pablo
17Night SensationDemuja
18Dub Me PleaseBlack Loops
19Small TalkHarrison BDP

Upcoming DJ Mix Shows

Thanks for checking out our lo-fi house DJ mix on The Mixtape. The team at Half Naked Disco is hard at work preparing dj mixes in a wide range of genres. We love all types of music and want to share our catalog of music with the world. We’re also always looking for new tunes and tracks to add to our collection. Are you an aspiring DJ or producer that has tracks you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to collaborate on future shows with like-minded DJs and musicians.

Upcoming DJ mix shows include lo-fi trap, dark techno, hyperpop, underground hip hop, and Khmer influenced dance and hip hop. We’d love to hear from you and help you promote your music to the world. Contact us on Facebook today!

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