Green-Go is a full-service vegan restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Unfortunately, COVID has hit the business and we are closing the doors for good this February. So we’re throwing a Green-Go closing party!

Official Closing Party Feb 6th

Sadly our journey in Siem Reap has temporarily come to an end. So we will be having a goodbye party before we shut our doors. We will still be in Cambodia so we hope we can one day reopen in not so much of a distant future. 

Come celebrate with the team one last time!

Catering by Green-Go and our guests SOL the brothers- On the desks Don Stone & Nervous playing classics, funky, disco, and house.

Drink offers all evening – or $20 open bar all night

Special offers on all vegan dishes ALL must be consumed!!!!

green go flyer

Featuring Music from the team @ Half Naked Disco

Deep, Chilled out tunes from Don Stone

don stone dj

“Stranded” in Cambodia for the past year, Don spends his free time behind the decks at many local nightlife establishments. Expect a chilled party vibe and expert tune selection. Deep house, lo-fi hip hop, dub, disco, funk, and other surprises await throughout the night.

Check out Don Stone’s latest live mix on the Half Naked Disco YouTube channel.

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